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Beard Club was formed by three friends (Chris, Tom & Paul). All veteran beadsman who were fed up with the mediocre range of beard products on the market, and so decided to create a brand that offers a higher quality of product.

‚ÄčAs they developed their flagship product, a 'premium beard oil' they started getting a huge interest from other beardsmen who loved the products and Beard Club was born!


Beard Club's mission is to bring premium, high quality, natural and organic male grooming products to men who realise that a groomed, well kept appearance is a sign of strength, power and masculinity.

As a man of Beard Club, when you see another man with a groomed, well kept, conditioned beard you will know that you are in the presence of another member and you will have the unspoken bond as men of Beard Club.


When you have a beard you enter a brotherhood of men who are proud to display the majesty of their facial hair. But to have a beard that other men admire and women can't keep their hands off, you need products that can give your beard an edge.

Beard Club was formed to give you that edge. We promise you our products will give you the best beard you've ever had.